We are Registered Essential Services Provider

Click here to download the document in which the CIPC certifies that the business operating as Miserator has the permission to operate during the South African lock-down period as announced by the president of the Republic on Monday, 23 March 2020.

For COVID-19 updates, visit the official government website www.sacoronavirus.co.za

We are an essential services provider and registered with CIPC. Given the importance of ensuring that the supply of food is not interrupted during the lockdown period and the role our company plays in Agricultural services.

Considering this we are operating business as per usual but can assure our clients that we adhere to all the hygiene factors and behaviour, social distancing and travel.

We can arrange video calls or face time to set up meetings to discuss products and quotes. Therefore, we make sure we limit any kind of contact with clients.

When and if we go to our clients, we will practise the necessary hygiene routines to prevent spreading the Covid-19 Virus. We can assure you we have minimum contact or no contact with any supplier. Everything is done online as far as possible.

Our employees and our client’s safety and health are our first priority all the time. It is not necessary at all to have any physical contact with any client while we work on farms.

Ons maatskappy is geregistreer as noodsaaklike dienste en geregistreer by die CIPC. Omdat ons in landbou bedryf moet seker maak die verskaf van noodsaaklike voedsel bronne word nie onderbreek nie, gaan ons voort met besigheid en maak seker ons val binne die reëls vir Covid-19 higiëne en voorkoming van verspreiding van die virus.

Ons kan alle afsprake vir nuwe produk en dienste per epos of video oproep doen om alles kontak te vermy. As ons dienste op plase lewer sal ons werkers die nodige higiëne toepas en sosiale afstand so ver as moontlik toepas.

Dit is nie nodig vir enige fisies kontak om dienste te bly lewer nie. Ons het ook min of geen kontak met ons verskaffers want alles word elektronies gereël. Ons werkers en ons kliënte se veiligheid en gesondheid is ons eerste prioriteit te alle tye.

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Miserator Sanitize
Miserator Sanitize


Miserator’s (Pty) Ltd vision and dedication is to provide the farming community with new innovative products, service and knowledge based on long term experience.

Our Services

We provide excellent Fertilizer, Herbicide & Pesticides, Seeds & Lime solutions for optimal pH control, Soil analysis, and recommendations for the farmer to ensure a “one stop shop” with individual attention given to each client’s needs and requirements.
We provide Logistics Expertise and Professional Services to improve Your Business. Get the help you need with our Logistics service. Call for more information now.

Innovative products, service and knowledge based on long term experience

Soil optimization through innovation.

Why Work With Us

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Exceptional quality products to our clients

Miserator works hand in hand with leading Agronomist, Fertilizer, Seeding and Agro Chemical companies as to provide excellent service and exceptional quality products to their clients.

Our reputation is the proof!

“Soil optimization through innovation.”